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It is gut-wrenching, it is graphic, it is real.

Former Mayor Jennifer Roberts

Movies like this, they spark change.

Film critic Allan French

 One of the most important films of the year."

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Feature documentary
Feature documentary

36 seconds: portrait of a hate crime

Feature documentary


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In 2015, three Muslim-American students were executed while eating dinner in their home in Chapel Hill, NC. In 36 Seconds: Portrait of a Hate Crime, filmmaker Tarek Albaba makes an impassioned case for justice for these innocents and for his community. The film charts the victims’ families’ agonizing overnight pivot from trauma to advocacy as they struggle to prevent their loved ones’ deaths from being dismissed as the result of a random parking dispute. 

They courageously speak the truth about the hate crime that has destroyed their lives, about the overt and insidious ways racism plays out in our society and about the need to reform a hate crime system that is broken. This is a project about grace and the will to fight for the truth in the worst of circumstances.

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36 Seconds Film: Feature Documentary - BTS film clip

Their upbringing was so similar to mine, their story resonated instantly. Our parents’ journey to America was almost identical. Same countries, similar goals. The obvious difference: my parents did not have to bury their kids. It was hard to escape the feeling that I needed to do something, something to honor these beautiful lives cut so short…

 "Congratulations to director Tarek Albaba for spending EIGHT years working to tell this story sensitively, smartly, compellingly, and as compassionately as possible. He’s absolutely succeeded."

Documentary Film Executive, Marie Therese Guirgis

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36 Seconds Film: Feature Documentary - BTS film clip
36 Seconds Film: Feature Documentary - BTS film clip
Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 4.24.07 PM.png
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